The last few weeks I have been in the mindset that my work has slowed down. With the autumn colors gone for another year it seemed as if the land was getting ready for winters long cold nights and blustery days. A kind of buttoning down of the hatches I guess.

Then, it happened. Not the thoughts of sugar plums dancing in my head, but of the fall and winter grasses. Have I ever said just how much I love the prairies? For the wide open lands and big skies, sure you bet. But if I had to give one reason, one specific item that draws my attention with unrelenting curiosity it would have to be the grasses. What in the world would this planet be without the life giving nourishing grasses that cover our lands. Well I can assure you, I wouldn’t be having this conversation.

The Tallgrasses, ok, let me stop here a minute. I’m not sure if there is an English/Vocabulary expert going to read this, but if there is I just need to know one thing. Is it Tallgrass or Tall Grass? (I usually capitalize it to make it look more portant, (that’s important for you folks in the north east, and I don’t meen Kansas). My spell checker says Tall Grass but I kinda like Tallgrass, so, whatever. It’s my blog and I can mispell if’n I wanna!  As I was saying, the Tallgrass of the Flinthills or (Flint Hills) wow, I’m die’n here! The Tallgrasses of the Flinthills are, in my extremely bias opinion, the most beautiful grasses of this world. And when the images of the autumn and winter grasses exploded in my head, I was done. That’s all I needed. More images just waiting to be made. When will it ever end. Hopefully and more than likely, never.

If you need some quiet time and just happen to be in the vicinity of east central Kansas take a drive through the Flinthills. Anywhere will do. Take a country road and just drive slow and enjoy. The Tallgrasses will be quietly waiting. As they have since before the great herds of bison roamed.

I going to put a post here in the near future with some history of the Flinthills and the grasses that live within, so keep a look out for it.

I haven’t mentioned  tomorrows Thanksgiving Holiday, but it wouldn’t be right to go without wishing each and everyone, a happy, safe and tummy filled day!