FHSU 0537

© Brad Mangas

The view of summer in each and every part of the world is very unique. Different even just miles apart. For people of the plains and prairies it becomes open land and sky. Sometimes rolling hills, lush valleys, vast prairies teaming with flora that has become so characteristic of such areas. During a drive through the prairies I came to this hillside which stood out from others surrounding it. The bold yellowish forbs which I can’t properly identify but are common in flint hills and prairies that covered the land really came to life against the blue sky and summer clouds. It was an area that seem undramatic but magnificent at the same time.

Tech data: Manfrotto tripod, Canon dslr, manual mode, 17-40 f/4L, f/16 @ 1/60, pattern metering, 0.00 exposure comp.