© Brad Mangas

Going through some files of a trip to South Carolina last year I decided to work this image up with a couple of techniques in hopes of giving it a new light.

I was walking and exploring the beach looking for more intimate shots of the seaside and happened to find this pile of shells. I believe most are oyster shells. They had been piled up as if a big tub had been dumped. I would think maybe from a restaurant or eatery.

The sun was getting up in the sky and the pile had some bright light on it already but I couldn’t help but spend some time taking shots of the mosaic of shells. I have worked this up previously but just couldn’t get it to look the way I remembered and wanted. This result is the final look after applying a Topaz Adjust layer and a softening Topaz Detail layer. The adjust layer really helped to bring out the colors hidden in the shells. Has the look that may work well as a print on canvas.

Exploring the out of way spots has always produced some of the best images. Places most walk right by or give no thought of looking at in the first place. Photography is always stimulating those ideas of “wonder what’s over here.” As the kids play in there carefree young life we all can learn from there inquisitive nature. Never get to old to wonder, whats over here.

This image will be going to the gallery site, you can click on the image to see the full screen view and make a purchase if you so desire! :-)