Daily Photograph, November 20

11202010 light IMG 0602

© Brad Mangas

A late post today, got back from the Great Plains Nature Photographers annual meeting a couple of hours ago. This years meeting was held in Pittsburg (no not That Pittsburg) Pittsburg Kansas, south east corner of the state. I’m really glad I made the roughly 3hr drive to attend. The speaker and main attraction this year was Michael Forsberg and it was wonderful to listen to his story and watch his presentation of the making of his newest book, Great Plains. A stunning and beautiful book that will no doubt get read very quickly and looked at over and over again. I plan on posting more about it in the near future. Besides getting an autographed copy I got to meet and set by an acquaintance and friend photographer Marciana Derrico Vequist, thanks Marci for saving an extras seat by you!

The image here I have to say is inspired by Darwin Wiggett. I follow Darwins blog regularly and you just never know what he may post for his Daily Snap. In the past he has posted things such a an item in a hotel room he happened to stay in and that is exactly what I have here. I traveled to Pittsburg late Friday evening, arrived at my hotel just in time to go to bed and get ready for the meeting in the morning. But before I did I pulled out my trusty G11 and made a few snaps myself. One of a small vase of fake daisies didn’t really do much for me but then standing there looking around the only other interesting thing I noticed was the light fixture in the entry part of the room. So here you have it, I think it looks kinda cool with the color tone that happened. The only thing I done in processing was to use Topaz Adjust and add a smooth and flat preset to it. So I can honestly say that last night before I went to bed I got too, see the light.