All people whether they consider themselves the creative type or not go through ups and downs. From personal experience I believe the creative or artist may feels these more acutely. The specific reason is hard to put a finger on or identify accurately.  It may be the longing to be so in touch with the world that normal rhythms of life influence those moments of creative insights. Both creative insights and life are the soul of the artists, thus the acute feelings become inseparable.

Moments of extreme joy are like flowers in a breeze swaying every which way in an attempt to capture every ray of sun. Soaking up life, reaching for the life giving warmth and bright sparkling sky. Then as quickly as the sun had appeared the storms will come, the rain falling on the blooms causing the beauty of the blossoms to droop their heads of brilliant color to protect that which they have.

It is not easy to find calmness when a creative existence is desired. But calmness per se may not necessarily be the goal one should seek. The sun will shine and the storms will come. This is the way it has always been and always will be. To ride the breeze of life is grand but, the understanding that without the associated storms the breeze would not hold it’s magic of splendor and would become just another event no different than the rest.

I believe it is in the times of what may seem like despair the creative must use these emotions and or insights to expand. Expand to places that bring understanding to life’s events. For those who find these retreats of understanding in nature, the value of life once again becomes foremost. To understand the drooping blossoms are still brilliant in beauty and possibly more so with rains dripping from their petals. Running down their stems and soaking into their roots. Feeding and nourishing the entire plant so it will once again be ready to sway in the breeze, reach for the sky and beam it’s brilliant colors for all the world to see.

There are many ways to ride the breeze and soak up the rain. The decision as to which way is always personal and may differ each time. The important point is to recognize each as a vital part of a complete and fulfilled life. Don’t get carried off by the breeze or drown in the rain. They both have their purpose. It is up to us to use each to nourish and feed our entire heart, mind, and soul. So we are ready to once again beam our brilliant existence for all the world to see.

Blossoming Life - Purple Coneflowers & Tallgrass

© Brad Mangas