I have had a few of these rare moments the last month or so when I seemed to be in search of something. That “something” is very elusive during these times. I can’t describe it which makes me wonder how will I know if I ever find it. It may be a direct result of selfish wants rather than unselfish needs. Maybe it’s part of the whole life experience of constant change. I have always been a believer in change and more and more I understand the need for it. Even change that seems at the time unwelcome. Without change what would be the point of anything?

OK I don’t want to get to Freudian here but in short the Freud theory suggest our mental state is influenced by two competing forces that of cathexis and anticathexis. So what the heck does that mean? Basically the investment of thought, emotion or energy in a person, object or idea. And anticathexis is well, the opposite. In short, from thoughts of others to a more egocentric state.

You are probably already wondering what the heck does this have to do with anything! There you have it, my dilemma  and that elusive “something.”

A few days ago while standing alone surrounded by wide open spaces of the vast prairie I had a visit from a little feathered friend, a Dicksissle. In the mist and light sprinkle of rain during this dreary afternoon it hit me. No matter were I was or what I was doing I am never alone when in nature. It comes down to an attitude of being. Hard at times if not impossible to completely understand, we must not waste time trying to figure everything out, just accept it and be thankful for the experience. Thank you my little feathered friend.

Wildlife photography