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Standing along the waters edge feelings of calm serenity washed over my mind and body, waiting, waiting for just the right time to snap the shutter. When would that be? Should I wait with finger perched on the shutter release like a bird of prey ready to pounce on it’s next meal? Is that what patience is about? Anticipating the perfect time or could it be the mindset of being able to enjoy every moment that leads up to and includes our perception of that moment. To much anticipation can cause disappointment when all the elements we have conjured in our mind don’t fully come to fruition. Patience needs to include the feeling of peace and contentment, content with simply the ability to wait and enjoy each moment for what it’s worth. The final outcome is only a small part of the journey that leads us down life’s many trails.

I hadn’t planed on a lakes edge sunset shot on this day, it had been stormy and the rain was on and off allowing many subtle changes of light to dance across the land surrounding lake Perry. I spent some time in one of my favorite wooded areas looking for signs of early fall colors, hints of the approaching seasonal change were slowly become apparent. I made a few images of wild plum with leaves turning to a reddish hue and was pleased with opportunity, they will become new additions to the gallery. Like many times my minds raced to figure out the best location as the sun slowly made it’s way to the western horizon. The clouds to the west became more dramatic so a short drive to an area with open view was made and then my patience was put to the test. As I waited and captured a few shots I realized the best time for the shot wasn’t about the best time to push the shutter release it was simply about being able to stand and experience. I believe I could of experienced more of what patience is about if I would have left my equipment in the truck and just watched the sunset make magic upon the land and water. Sometimes learning to photograph a scene isn’t about taking a picture or perfect timing, it’s about understanding what is happening in front of you and how that makes you feel. So it can be said that patience isn’t about waiting, it’s about understanding what it happening in front of you, and how that makes you feel.

© Brad Mangas - iphone4

As I waited.

This shot was taken with my iphone. I mentioned in this post about the new ios4.1 update for the iphone and how now there is an hdr function for the camera. I have been using the function on all my shots so far and this is one of them. 2 shots exposure fused in photomatix for this result.

One definition according to dictionary.com: “quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence”

Wikipedia: “the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way”

I prefer the first.