Daily Photograph, December 9

© Brad Mangas

Another work up to b&w from my archives. I wanted to look at a few images with more landscape to it as I explore the b&w genre, boy this is going to take some time if I expect to revisit the archives in search of new opportunities. I quickly came across this shot which seemed to have the structure I feel is needed for monotone. Again worked up with Nik Silver Efex Pro and the “Dark Sepia” preset. I really like skies done in b&w with the presence of clouds against the deep blue sky. If nothing else it is making me look at images here on the computer and more than likely out in the field in a different way. I like when photography gives me a new look on things that are typically everyday scenes.

I think we all as photographers at one time or another get stuck in making the same old images, revisiting the same areas in search of a different take on things. If we can find a new way of looking at things new images may very well follow. I look forward to the monotones of winter helping to provide that new look.