FH 023 POTM Oct2009

I apologies for running late in getting the October POTM posted. So for that I decided to make this months offer one of the more popular prints.

Taken November 3, 2007 on one of my many morning runs to the flint hills. The morning was a glorious late fall morning with the full moon going down at my back, which by the way is when this image was taken. The scramble was on to shoot the full moon over the fall flint hills and the rising sun. Like many occasions in the flint hills the opportunities are boundless for beautiful landscape.

I had visited this area just days before and knew it was a place to produce a sunrise shot. The factor I didn’t know was just exactly where the sun would be rising in relation to the trail. As you can tell I couldn’t have been happier. With the trail leading directly into the rising sun the name of the image was clear.

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