This is an image taken October 27, 2007. It came at the end of a morning hike on Konza Prairie, metadata informs me I snapped it at 9:29am. I don’t remember much about that mornings hike other than the specific trail that I took but, as I rounded a corner heading west the morning sun was lighting this beauty up and I knew couldn’t continue until I spent some precious time admiring it. I knelt down just on the side of the trail to get a lower prospective of it and felt as if my timing couldn’t have been better.

I have since hiked this trail many times and have to stop and look at this tree every time I go by. So far I have never been able to catch it in such a splendorous display, maybe I never will again, maybe a storm will take it down one never knows. As the world changes around us so does nature, I hope I never take for granted the moments that impact my deep appreciation for such natural things. A single moment in time can change things, this makes me realize just how small I am compared to nature. I merely have a camera in hand attempting to capture what has already been created and placed before me, am I simply documenting nature as anyone could do with a camera, or am I attempting to do more than just that. My hope is to share my passion and love for all things that make up our natural lands. One person taking one picture, what impact could it have?

Kansas flinthills, Konza Prairie

© Brad Mangas