TRSP 8131

© Brad Mangas

Blossoms aren’t just for flowers. All plant life produce petal, stigma, style, ovary, ovule, stamen, eventually seed, all the individual parts needed for reproduction. I’m not a botanist so don’t hold me to all the necessary vocabulary. Flowers as we know them always get the attention, and rightfully so. I don’t believe anyone plants a white oak because it has pretty blooms. But, blooms just the same with the same importance as the wildflowers that cover the prairies.

Maybe for some, hopefully not most not much beauty is found in such flora life as oak blossoms. But I have to take exception to some. The circle of life is the beauty that holds life together. From trees to grasses to orchids, the simple images of life, the images that go unnoticed by some are as important to us as the air we breath.

An image of a newly sprouted oak branch with blossoms hanging can instill the sense of peace and calmness. A picture that life is all around us. Going through the days and nights unnoticed and very likely unappreciated. It’s common to hear of the beauties of the tulip blooms and the rose gardens. I feel lucky I am able to see the beauty of the oak blossoms.

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