TRFA 029

©Brad Mangas

What’s the pace of your day like? Busy, rushed, hurried never seeming to have enough time to get everything done? Your not alone, most hurry through their day from sun up to sundown only hoping to have a moment of peace and relaxation stuck somewhere in between all the chaos. Nature can be contribute much more to our lives than just the pretty scenes outside.  Like the changing of the seasons, allowing for time to make transitions, spring to summer, summer to autumn, autumn to winter. Nature has no need to hurry in it’s process when the time is right it just happens.

As the season begins to change here in the Midwest from summer to autumn the feeling one gets can be that of excitement as if a new begging is approaching. No need to make it happen now, part of the enjoyment is the anticipation of change. What if you made time each day to enjoy the things you love the things that bring peace and relaxation to your day. Could you look forward with excitement to that moment? Taking time to enjoy some tranquil moments, reading a book, enjoying some art, taking a walk in nature or maybe just setting quietly thinking about what is important in your life. When we rush through our days we may think we are getting much accomplished but when it gets down to it what is it that makes you feel at peace.

I write this today on a morning that has a feel of change in the air to me, the air is cooler and the look of the land is one of anticipating change. There’s no need to rush through a day, day after day. What we can do is enjoy what we have been given and find the peace that each day offers. It’s a change in attitude that turns a hurried day into a peaceful one.

Like the leaves gently blowing in the wind awaiting the cooler longer nights that make them turn from summers green to autumns golds, yellows and reds and like each year the change will happen at natures own pace. So if you hurry through your day trying to get everything accomplished just take a moment and think, are you really getting more done or if you took time to appreciate the important things in life and to enjoy the beauty of nature could it actually make your day better.

Image taken along the public trail on Konza Prairie, click image to go to gallery for larger view.

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