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I like the start of a new week. A time to get things straightened back up, priorities lined back out and start making positive progress again. Not that those things can’t be done any other time or day of the week but Mondays always just seem like a time to start again. I know some dread Mondays, back to work soon back to school but I think it’s nice to be able to start again, even in a small way. I like to make a plan for the week, things I would like to get accomplished for the week and it’s much better to make those plans on Monday as opposed to Wednesday! And something very important, if you like what you do making plans to do more of it is a good thing.

I always do much better if I make a list and actually write stuff down. I’ve read that tip  many times and it always seemed kind of silly, like I’m not going to remember things I need to get done.  Of course I don’t always remember things and writing something down has a way of writing it in ones head instead of just trying to remember, and for me anyway it works. I have used this blog as a place to share what could be considered story time that goes along with my photography and that’s all fine a good and will continue, but there can be other endeavors here as well. One being, sharing more about myself and goings on, things I’m working on and would like to accomplish either short term or long. I hope you as read some of these things will find them of  interest or feel like you might know me better. As well as one can know another via blog anyway.

Here’s a few things on my list as of this moment, and yes lists can easily change.

Finish a portfolio to present to Southwind Gallery. This is something that I have started on just haven’t finished. I do a a lot of second guessing myself on certain things and this is one of them. Not guessing whether or not to get this done just what prints to include and how many. I think I make things more difficult than necessary, I think we all have a tendency to sometimes. This is something I want done by the end of August, so now that I have told you all I will have to give you an update at that time. I am doing the printing myself to be presented as in an 8×10 format in the neighborhood of 20 prints. I’m not very experienced in the portfolio presentation thing but am comfortable enough in what I do to make this a positive move forward.

Design and order postcard to be given away at the 2010 Kansas State Fair. I have been asked to help at the KANSAS! Magazine booth for a few hours this year and to donate work to be given away at one of the drawings. I will be manning the booth on September 11 from 11am – 2pm. That is the opening Saturday of the Fair so if your planing on attending come on September 11 and visit the KANSAS! booth during 11-2 and say hi, I will personally give you a very nice fine art 5×7 postcard! With a Kansas landscape scene on it of course! And enter the drawing for a 18×24 fine art nature print matted and framed ready to hang on your wall.

The other thing on my list at the moment is, get the picture for the drawing framed!

I think we all have a tendency to put things off too much and too long. I need to give myself more personal responsibility in getting work done and in making progress on a regular basis. Business is slow and it isn’t going to get any better with me setting around thinking about it.

I have some other things on my plate also for the near future that will share here in short time. Not to make any excuses but I am just getting over some kind of bad ass respiratory bug I had last week that had me down and out for a good 4-5 days, and still not 100% even now 9 days later. Not that that is why things haven’t gotten done, some of these things should have been done weeks ago. But it did get me thinking about putting things off. When your sick and “can’t” get anything done you realize you better get your butt in gear when you can and stop putting things off.

I did get a book read and 2nd one started over the last week. “10 More“, an ebook by David DuChemin, ten ways to improve your craft. None of them involves buying gear, a follow up to the first book, “10”. And “Vision is Better” another ebook by David DuChemin, a compilation of 50 articles, originally published on the Pixelated Image blog. Become a better photographer by developing your most important asset – your mind. 50 articles about the photographic craft and life.

Hey, have a good Monday all, do something fun and start your week out great!