I got into a nostalgic mind set earlier today from listening to a song on the radio. As I sat alone scooting closer to the music the feeling of pleasant and not so pleasant times washed through my mind as if a stranger passed by. I could remember times and people in school, times as a young teen camping out in my backyard with buddies all for the purpose of being able to sneak beer in the tent and stay up all night long like adults. Times when each of my children were born, times when I was a good father and times when I could have been much better. Simple times of life fell on my thoughts, many with regrets of not doing more with what I had knowing they can never be recaptured. Thoughts such as these don’t come to me all that often but when they do they are always triggered by the simplest of things. It made me realize that what I do today will join these as memories that will fill my entire life span. Today is undoubtedly tomorrows memories.

I am fortunate today, to have a wife that I love and loves in return. To have children with whom I share the same loving relationship. This was brought on by simple words of a song, playing low on a small radio. The substance of art in this case music, is capable of producing profound emotions when feelings, thoughts and place line in conjunction each supporting the other. Is there art today that when experienced many years from now may begin similar memories? Will I chose to make today’s actions the pleasant memories of tomorrow?   Art can not dictate how life will play out we must take the actions each on a personal level, to chose a positive attitude even when we have forces pushing us the other direction. Art, be it a song, a painting, an old photograph or craft we have fond memories of can only put us back into the past with memories it so unselfishly stirs up.

MN 098

© Brad Mangas