The very cold temps have slowed down my morning walks with Lexi as of late. Neither one of us have wanted to soak up the freezing temperatures much. I think she is more apt to than myself but, since I control the leash she has had to be content over the last month or so to just run around the backyard awhile in the morning.

With the slow warming that seems to be making it’s way in we ventured out this morning around our usual paths of Shunga Park. We strolled off the pavement for a bit, looked and sniffed around the banks of Shunga Creek trying to stay out of the partially frozen mud. I think she likes new areas to check out as much as I do. I had my trusty point and shoot with me as usual and made a picture of the creek which is a look towards the north and is actually a zoomed in look that goes under the bridge where we were standing.

I am hoping to have another print marathon in the next couple of days and see if I can make a big leap in getting the over 200 prints nearer to completion that I have planned by mid April. Of course this is for the Kansas Sampler Festival in May. I recently received another large canvas gallery wrap that will be one of 5 or 6 large canvas prints that will be on display as well. I produced this image as a 55×13 inch gallery wrap pano. It’s looks sweet! I wont say that prints need to be big to make an impact but, certain ones really come to life when they are printed large in the 24 inch and above versions.

I do need to finish up a booklet that needs to be sent to my print house. There always seems to be things that I want to change or in somehow make better. I believe this will always be the case but, there comes a time when the decision of completion needs to be made and lived with. I think I am there on the booklet. I will be producing this booklet which I have mentioned before is a marketing/info piece that will be handed out at the festival as opposed to the typical business card. Info on myself, what I do and what I offer. In addition to the print version I will produce this as a .pdf file and will probably make it available as a download here and on the gallery site in the near future.

Hope everyone has been making through the wintertime in good shape. With daylight saving in a few days spring is surely right around the corner! Yippee!!!

Topeka, Kansas, photography, IMG_2731

© Brad Mangas