I need to read more.

I think I read plenty, but every so often I come across an article while trolling the internet photo blogs and sites that just makes sense to me. Maybe it is just the frame of mind I’m in at the time but regardless, creative types such as photographers need to get inspiration from many sources. To bad there is so much out there to read and so little inspiration to be had. But again, maybe it’s just me. I really have no room whatsoever to complain, this blog has plenty of room for writing the up most inspirational of thoughts and ideas but wanting and doing are very different. I believe I shall make an honest forth right effort to share more thoughts, ideas, links to others thoughts and ideas that I find inspirational. Be it vision or technical with weight given to the vision side of the photography craft.

Luminous Landscape has a wealth of information on it. At times I do find it rather confusing and somewhat abstract in finding relevant information. As organized at it is, one must understand the organizer to fully understand the system. Once I have clicked more than about 3 or 4 times at any one sight and still find myself wondering how to get to where I want to go, there is a good chance I will just leave and not bother running the maze of internal links.

Ok, enough of my pet peeves. This is about “Learning From The Best Images, Yours Mine and History’s”. An article written by George Barr that I was lucky enough to come across last night. So, just what does make a good image. If you look at some of your “best” images what makes them the best in your opinion? I am going to put myself through this little test, pick out a few of my images that I think are my best and in the coming days posts them here and tell you what makes them the best to me. If you fell so inclined it would be great if you would share a comment on what you think makes a picture great.

Learning From The Best Images, by George Barr

(note, sometimes links to The Luminous Landscape get moved, I will try to check this regularly for the next week or so in case it stops working)