I have decided to start a journal and keep it here on this blog. A journal you may ask, what’s the difference between that and what I have been doing?

Honestly that has to be determined. I know that my posting here has dwindled over the the last 12 months and I am not exactly pleased with that. Obviously I have not been making time to post. I had to look at this issue that I have determined to be a problem and am finding myself needing to admit some shortcomings.

I try to make entries a big ordeal, when the fact is they are not. They should just be general updates on what is going when it comes to photography and more specifically but, not limited to my photography. I spend way too much time with trivial details thinking things need to be just a certain way or I need to have a very specific message and subsequently drop the ball in the overall goal which is communicating consistently.

I am going to give this a try and the goal I have set I need to make completely doable initially. My first inclination was to be determined to make an entry once a week. Once I said that to myself I realized how lame it sounded. So this will be a twice a week start with entries being made about every three or four days. I know I can not commit to non flexible schedule so lets just say twice a week and keep it at that.

Ok, here’s the lowdown on this journal endeavor. It can be the same as posts I have made in the past or they may just be simple short happening that I feel inclined to share. I think the main reason is to get something started and build from there. I have much more ambition than has be demonstrated the last year so this is a kick in the pants to myself. We will see how it goes.

There is now a “Journal” link you will notice in the navigation bar. Entries will all be there and will not show up initially when you simply come to this site. You will be able to simply click the Journal tab and see the entries that have been made. The idea is to have this journal part of this site but somewhat a separate endeavor.

Thank you to all who choose to come along for the journey.