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Happy Tuesday! I had intended to get this posted yesterday for a Happy Monday post but time seemed to work against me yesterday.  For some strange reason I have grown to love Monday’s! It, like everything else is just a mindset of sorts but, Monday is the beginning (for most) of a new week. With any beginning there is always an opportunity to start things out right. So I will continue to make Monday’s a great start to each week. In this case Tuesday will be just as good.

Took a little road trip on Saturday up through my original neck of the woods, Pottawatomie County. I have mentioned previously that I grew up in this county and as a young boy and teenager never noticed what a wonderful part of Kansas it really is. Youngsters and especially teenagers seem to have other things on their minds. Hmm, imagine that.


© Brad Mangas

I drove some new back country roads with great delight to see more and more wide open spaces and rolling hills that I will undoubtedly return to. I literally get lost in thought when I am in these places. I will turn the radio off in the truck, (most of my listening involves audio books or podcasts) drive slow and just listen to the wind through the grasses and happy singing of the birds. These places will call me back for the rest of my life I have no doubt.

It wasn’t a super productive day photography wise but it sure was in relaxed comfort wise. Seems the older I get the more I value quiet solitude whether I am able to make images or not. With that said, I did stop and take a few shots from this railroad overpass along a gravel road. I have driven over this many times the last few years and have always thought I should stop and at least take a picture for prosperity sake. So that I did.

These are the tracks that coal trains use to take coal to Jeffery Energy Center and built specifically for that purpose. Construction lasted from 1974-1983. I could easily get sidetracked here since I am including pictures of a power plant but, I won’t do that, (today anyway.)

The picture looking down the tracks with the smoke stacks in the upper left hand corner is looking south. The other is looking north. As I left this area shortly after sunset the color remained in the sky for just a bit. As I drove south along hwy 63 I had to make another stop and capture the view of Jeffery Energy Center against the post sunset horizon. I’m not sure why I wanted to do that but, I did. It may lead to more such things or at minimum some of my own personal insights in future posts. I’m not sure where I would begin or where I would end but, it does invoke many thoughts for me. For now I will enjoy and share the images for what they are, photographs from a wonderful day.


© Brad Mangas


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