Spending time making prints today getting ready for The Kansas Sampler Festival on May 3rd and 4th in Wamego, KS. What a great time this is going to be. Even though it is approximately 17 weeks away I need to get around 200 prints completed. I done a quick figuring and determined I should be producing a minimum of 11 prints a week to have 200 ready. I am quite sure there will be stretches of days where I do no printing at all and would prefer to have these done by the beginning of April so when possible I should be printing as time allows.

I love making prints there is just something about seeing ones work in physical form that compares to nothing else. The physical photograph is almost magical. A time and place held in hand right before your eyes. These will be of two sizes, 8×12 and 12×18 inch along with panoramic prints of those long side lengths. I want to have a good selection for folks to view and choose from in sizes that are very affordable. I will let you in a little secret. Those sizes are available on the website and very affordable now but, that weekend the ones at the festival will be much less than what you can order them for online! I’m thinking 50% less? Maybe I shouldn’t say anything until I am positive of that but oh well, the cats out of the bag now!

As anyone who regularly visits the website would have noticed about 3 months ago there was a price restructuring of all prints. I really hate to see the price of almost everything keep going up and up and the cost of everything I do or produce has increased as well. So the only logically thing to do is increase my prices as well. I have one word to say about that. Hogwash! I guess that is one word.

Here is a quick insight to how I have come to think about what I do and what I offer. It can be summarized with this one question. Would I rather sell one print for $100 to one person or, sell one print for $1 to 100 people? To me the answer is obvious. Even though it would cost more for me to make 100 prints the benefit of having 100 people enjoying a nature print as opposed to one is a no brainer. Anyway there is a little inner psychology to my way of thinking.

Hey speaking of the gallery website at www.bradmangasphoto.com I spent some time early this morning making a few changes to the looks of things. Nothing major but, the gallery pages now have larger thumbnails and a more dynamic layout. Hope you can take some time to visit it soon.

Well guess it’s time to get back to making a few more prints. I was thinking yesterday that if I decided to venture out instead of working on prints today I would go in search of Snow Geese. I know some places that during this time of year thousands can be seen. Maybe next time, I will have to be satisfied today with this picture I took last year. Now back to the grindstone.


© Brad Mangas