Along with my new monthly newsletter I wrote about in the previous post I have just made available (with much work and deliberation) an offering I hope to be a welcomed addition to the fine art photography products I produce. This is an idea I have considered for some time and even played around with in the past. “Prints Of The Month” or “POTM” will be a new and easy way to own and build your collection of fine art nature photographs.

The details:

Each month an image will be selected as the POTM. Prints will be 8×12 inches printed on 9×13 or 11×14 inch archival photographic or fine art paper. I have been testing new photographic and fine art papers the last couple of months and have found a few that I am proud to reproduce my work on. These are the same papers that all gallery prints are produced on. You can read more about prints and the papers being used here;

I have sourced conservation quality mounting and matting materials and am now offering these POTM as 8×12 inch prints mounted and matted to 12×16 inches ready for you to put in your favorite 12×16 inch frame.

I have given considerable thought to the material I will use in addition to the prints I will be personally producing. It came down to one question, black or white mats? White is the traditional mat color that has been used since printing and displaying photographs began. That is why I am choosing black. Well, that isn’t “really”  the reason I’m choosing black but sounded kind of rebellious huh! The reason I prefer to offer these POTM in a black mat is based purely  on aesthetics. The nature and landscape work I produce simply looks better to me when presented within a black mat. These mats are not pitch black but are referred to as “After Dark” which are matte in finish (as opposed to gloss) and are more of a soft black in appearance. Colors seem to come alive within these black mats. I am sure when you see one in person you will agree. The black over mat will have a white core which is visible around the window cut out and is again an aesthetic decision.

These special edition POTM will be produced in a true conservation, archival, and museum quality method. This dictates the actual artwork to be removable from all materials. Strict adherence to these guidelines will be followed. Mats are 4-ply 100% virgin alpha-cellulose, conservation-grade. Mount boards are acid free, mounted/matted print will be enclosed in a protective sealed acid free clear bag, and shipped in flat reinforced packaging. Each POTM will include a certificate of authenticity showing the image number, title/description, date of capture, date creative work completed, date printed, and paper printed on. All prints will included signature on print. Orders are produced one at a time, inspected, allowed to dry for 24 hours, mounted, matted, packaged, and shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 days of order. If I am traveling during order placement orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible. You will be notified of any delays.

I am excited to be able to offer these ready to frame prints which I personally produce. Producing a complete piece from start to finish not only guarantees you the highest quality art possible but honestly, it adds to my enjoyment as well.

These POTM offerings are considered “Special Editions”* and will be offered at $49 each plus $5.95 shipping. A new image will be offered each month and announced here on the blog and added to the shop for purchase. If you are a newsletter subscriber you will receive an additional notice the second they become available and you will be privy to discounts when they become available as well.

If you have not signed up for our newsletter and would like to become a subscriber you can do so here; Newsletter Signup.

I hope you will enjoy these offerings as much as I will enjoy producing them.

*Special Editions: Subject to limited availability and material upgrades. 

Please take a moment and check out these inaugural offerings. Yes I am starting out with not one but two POTM plus a Summer Special!


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