©Brad Mangas

I feel strongly that a photograph, any photograph has the ability to convey more than what initially may be apparent. Many who “take” pictures do so to document a place, activity, or for posterity. There is nothing wrong with this and doing so for these reasons can have very sentimental meanings. I chose to interpret a photograph for abilities that reach beyond the visually apparent. An ability to spark thought that may have no initial connection to the image being viewed. Many images that are created of this nature may not make this connection for a vast number of viewers. This does not mean the photograph has no purpose. The purpose needs be for one individual only to successfully achieve purpose, possibly dramatic purpose. The one who chooses to make a photograph is not only the creator, but many times the one and only viewer able to feel what must be considered an emotional connection. This is the reason the photograph was created and the reason it serves a purpose. For the type of work I do it is the only reason a photograph is created. Not to appeal to a greatest number of viewers, elicit the most likes, or generate the most comments. Its purpose is to connect with that which I hold personally close and important in life.

I am enamored by the grasslands of the world. The simple strength of what they represent and their importance to life on this planet is for the most part extremely undervalued. I spend many hours immersing myself in one of the great grasslands of the world, the tallgrass prairie, which has dwindled so dramatically in the last century that now less than 4% of the original tallgrass prairie remains on this planet. Grasslands are the least protected and most converted habitat in the world. I feel privileged to be able to spend time in these areas and even more privileged to be able to create photographs of the life that for the last 10,000 years has made our lives possible.

Noble Dreams

©Brad Mangas

Photographs of these places I choose to create are not photographs to document their present existence, to affirm my present activities, or to prove of their progenitors.  They are visual representations of all these things and more. They are the thoughts, the sounds, and the smells of life. One in which I do not have complete control, but one in which I have adequate control of direction. To direct my life in such a way that connects to a purpose that is greater than any one photograph or any one creator.

We as humans have but one reason to assimilate into a mass consciousness. To provide our individual strengths, thoughts, and ideals into a power that is stronger than any one individual. This can only happen by first being individual.