Expand your horizons to become that which you yet do not know. -Brad Mangas

Change can be hard, it is hard, and most are not willing to spend a good deal of their lives searching for that something they believe to be beyond their control. It is the preconception that, to change requires work most of which will not only be hard but unpleasant. If these are the changes one seeks then how can such change be good? It will not, it will only be different and possibly meaningless.

There is an ongoing debate in the art world of style, specifically “finding ones style”. This is not “just” an art thing, it can touch anyone who seeks purpose and the so called “finding ones purpose”. This is at best a pretense that one has a style (or purpose) somewhere out there that only through diligence, hard work, blood-sweat and tears can be found, and then only if they are so fortunate to recognize it once found.  It is no doubt that we are unwilling to commit to changes when there is no guarantee of any reward. At this realization we have missed the boat and are sailing blindly over a waterfall. Fear and uncertainty will indubitably fill our minds.

When a definite outcome is the only goal there can be only one correct ending. All others will be considered failures. The choices, journey and experiences along the way become only mistakes that we regret. This is not change, this is futility played out. In a creative life there is never “one” right answer or outcome. The same can be said in anyone’s life. Instead, the journey and experiences must be the goal.

It becomes a mindset of change on an ongoing basis. That of growing ones experiences, hopes, desires, and even dreams. Patience must become part of this change a part that is experienced every day, minute, and second for without it we are only squirming in quicksand.

It may be that being yourself is the hardest battle you will ever fight. Not those which others think you must fight or want you to fight. And not those that you think others expect you to fight but, the one you want to fight. To look forward is good, empowering and the foundation of growth. You will only be given one day, one moment at a time to embrace it and embrace you must, today. Embrace that which you are now, and you will never be sailing blind.

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© Brad Mangas