If you have visited this sight at least once over the last week or my facebook Page or the Gallery website I just don’t understand how you could not know about the Holiday Print Give Away. But, to my surprise, not many people have done what it takes to be eligible to win! It must be difficult to enter so I will explain it here in full explicit detail. You ready?

1. Become a fan of my facebook Page

2. Leave a comment on a post on my facebook Page. Why you may ask do I ask you to leave a comment? Simple, this is my give away and I make the rules.  Hey it’s facebook people your suppose to chat don’t just linger in the shadows like Jack the Ripper. It’s entirely up to you.


1. Register at bradmangasphotography.com (Just go to sign in, then register).

Ok, I know those requirments are extremely difficult to follow I apologies, but remember you do get a chance to win Your Choice of prints!

Entry deadline is Noon December 5th, 2009.