Daily Photograph, December 19

After a couple of days absent from the Daily Photograph I thought I better get my butt in gear and get something posted. First off, there may be a few more absent days of the dp in coming 2-3 weeks not necessarily due to the holidays but my time is being stretched rather thin. I have been given control of my new website and will be spending many long hours getting it ready to replace the present bradmangasphotography.com (same address). I have a gallery show at the beginning of February and will be choosing 6 images to be printed and displayed through the month. I still haven’t picked the images yet and not real sure how I want to print and display them, standard mat and frame, no mat just framed, canvas gallery wrap, or a couple more new non traditional choices I’m considering. Images need to be sent to KANSAS! Magazine by December 31 for the 2011 summer issue if I want any considered, and oh yeah I just ordered a new computer that I will be spending time getting set up in the coming week or two. OK, tired of hearing me whine I know, just thought I would give the reason for skipping a daily photograph here and there.

12192010 IMG 0867

© Brad Mangas

Now for today’s images, my lovely young bride and I took drive out to Lake Shawnee last night to see what is referd to around here as Winter Wonderland. An annual display of a bazillion lights all done with the help of many many volunteers to benefit TARC (Topeka Area Recreation Commision). A mile or so of campground area around the lake is decorated each year and a fee is charged to drive through and view, thousands of vehicles make the drive each year not only to look and the lights but to help out a good cause.

12192010 IMG 0866

© Brad Mangas

My shots probably don’t do it justice it really is a quite a spectacle. Bobbi was driving as I tried to get a few shots and well… that’s all I better say about that. Anyway thought I would share our experience last night and wish everyone a happy weekend before the the big weekend!

12192010 IMG 0877

© Brad Mangas

I better get my nose to the grindstone and make some progress on the new website. “Nose to the grindstone”? I always wonder where the saying like that came from.

12192010 IMG 0860

© Brad Mangas

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