© Brad Mangas

It’s becoming more apparent of the healing powers of nature. A long walk on warm spring evening. Enjoying the sights of life popping up out of the ground. Color returning to lands as it has done since the earth was covered with such flora life. Nature does survive. The long cold winters, the icy coats, the temperatures so cold one dares not venture out. But beneath all the barren lands, hidden away in the strength of the trees and shrubs, life survives. Patiently awaiting for it’s moment to spring. What a fitting name for the season that follows winter.

The benefit of nature photography should be apparent to all who enjoy it. Walking into a room filled with the vibrant colors and signs of life puts one in a rejuvenating state of mind. I have spent time and continue to research the healing powers of nature in the form of fine art photography. Showings of a physical and physiological benefits are becoming apparent in the health-care profession. These studies are worthy of further attention not only for the professional community but for the individuals as well.

I am looking forward to sharing articles and studies of these benefits along with the beauties of nature that have facilitated these findings.