[box] “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso[/box]


I am in the process of making a few changes in the gallery at bradmangasphoto.com and feel it necessary to share details of these changes. As most of you know this is where you can browse the images that are offered as prints. Over the last few months I have become increasingly aware of what and how I offer images as prints. It has always been a challenge when making specific images available and the criteria they must meet. I must admit I get carried away when adding images to the gallery sight and have now noticed the somewhat random way in which I have continued to do this. Ease of use at this sight is always a priority when making decisions. This challenge continues as the number of images increase over time now making it necessary to adhere to more strict guidelines. Rules may still be for breaking but they also play a vital role in specific and achievable outcomes.

As I move forward I now feel it necessary to be much more deliberate in my work, how I approach it, and make available. This deliberate approach has resulted in the necessity to make these changes. As of this writing these changes will be noticed in the following ways:

  • A reduction of images made available.
  • A reorganizing of present and future images.
  • Portfolios that match more closely with creative goals.
  • Images that build continuity within creative goals.

These changes may not be immediately noticeable but a conscious effort will be given to each image and the role it plays. There is an old saying when it comes to sales, “the customer is always right”. I have never disputed this claim but this not about sales and the ‘ol mighty dollar. It is about creative goals and roles these goals play in life, more specifically my life. I hesitate in even mentioning the word “sales”. It is to me a subservient almost evil interlude into the world of the creative arts. What I would like to mention is a simple fact, life takes place for artists as well. The basics of life do not detour just so some can venture down a path of creative lifestyle. It is a personal decision that must still take place within the confines of everyday life. Making a living as an artist has “almost” insurmountable challenges as do most all great achievements. As much as the creative process of photography plays in my everyday living specific desires in my work must always take precedence. Those desires are the catalysis that make creation of art possible not just for myself, but for all who have chosen a life in the creation of art. I refer to my work as “art”, I do so with tremendous humility. For those who have lead the way and continue to do so deserve my gratitude and complete acknowledgement. I am and forever will be a mindful student of such masters setting desires, titles, and descriptions for my work that I can only hope to one day achieve.

Functionality of the gallery site has not and will not change. These changes will only effect existing and new work made available. This may result in current favorite selection you have previously set up becoming unavailable or no longer appearing. Keep in mind the selections at the gallery site are and will be specific examples that have personally been chosen. Many more images may be available that meet your needs. I would encourage you to contact me if you have specific image needs as they may be available simply by asking. I am always happy to help in any way I can to help you meet your needs.


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