_MG_6514 Need to keep on my daily pics, the holidays got in my way last week.

Working up older files is always a fun thing to do in the mornings. Even though I would like many of the daily pics to be somewhat spontaneous image creations hey I’m only human and due to the restraints of everyday life the spontaneity sometimes has to be subdued a little.

There is a factor of spontaneous surprise to my approach with this. Checking older files that I’ve saved but haven’t worked up is a surprise every time I do it. I had mentioned to a friend just a while back about visiting an image on more than one occasion. I had stated that depending on my frame of mind the same scene can appear different. The same is true with already captured images. It was earlier this year that upon looking through and working up some of my previous shots I was able to add dozens of new images to the gallery website. Which is tremendous considering I can go months with only maybe a few worthy of adding.

Anyway this shot is of fountain outside the Chateau Avlaon in Kansas City, Kansas. I had taken my camera for the fact that it was a full moon night and one never knows what opportunities await.

I ended up spending more time around this fountain waiting for the moon to rise. With various statues I was intrigued with the photo opportunity.All playing on an oceanic/aquatic theme.

This is worked up with a few layers of Topaz Adjust applied finished with a multiplying Orton effect. When I ran across this image in my archives I knew it was a Topaz candidate.

Have a great day!