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Still spending much of my time getting things ready for the Kansas Sampler Festival including producing a booklet that will be handed out to folks. Nothing all that fancy a simple 6×9 8 page booklet that will have info on what I do. I decided to produce this instead of the traditional business card thing. I really think most business cards either get lost or are simply thrown away. They have such little information on them that they require people to either go to a website or make a call even to get basic information. This will be like a 6×9 8 page business card and my hope is they won’t be thrown away so easily. The cost to produce and print such things obviously is much more so I’m hoping the return will be worth it. I will produce this as a .pdf file soon as well and have it available for download.

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I did make it up to Pottawatomie County over last weekend to visit my dad in Onaga. I haven’t mentioned stuff like this here because basically I try to keep my personal life personal. Dad is 84 and in very poor health so frequent visits and time spent with him are a priority. This visit was extra nice because my oldest son drove up from Kansas City so we could visit dad and grandpa together. We always talk about the “good ol days” and he goes on and on about things with some smiles and some grumbling as well. Our time together is always good and to be point blank, it will soon be gone. Give your mom, dad or anyone and everyone you love a hug, our time to enjoy life, family and friends goes by in a blink of an eye it seems like.

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It was mid to late afternoon as I made my way out of my small hometown. As usual I took off for the long way home and back to Topeka. It only takes a few minutes heading south (actually any direction for that matter) to be surrounded by open countryside. Rural scenes and the Flint Hills roll across the lands with what seems like peaceful bliss in all directions. I made my way down a familiar back road driving at approximately 3 miles an hour. Slow enough were I could see each passing puddle of the melting snow along the road, there was literally no hurry.

The three pictures I have here were all taken within a mile of each other. Well, maybe the one with the small old shed might have been a couple of miles from the others but no more. I spent around an hour in this area taking pictures and enjoying the warmer air of the day and dissipating snow. An hour or maybe two later I meandered down another back road of Pottawatomie County that I haven’t explored much. This road still only around 5 miles from were I had previously been. I shared a picture taken form there here on my facebook page.

I will wrap up for now but before I go I have to once again wish a United States Marine who happens to be my youngest son presently at Camp Lejune in North Carolina a Tremendously Happy 21st Birthday! I Love You and am Very Proud of You Dylan Mangas! Sempre Fidelis Marine!