Why do the simplest things in life always have the most meaning to me? It’s just grass, we see it every day. Do I see it as just something ordinary or do I chose to see it as something extraordinary? I will choose the latter for when I do everything becomes extraordinary and life takes on a whole new meaning.

I really don’t spend time contemplating such things anymore but once in a while, they become acutely noticeable. I think it’s something we all do but most to a much lesser degree. What is it that makes a person take notice of the things that seem so ordinary? Is it an appreciation of just being? Could it be an understanding of the connection between all living things? Yes, these and much more.

As an artist, I find this captivating. I have a chance to see things never before seen and experience things never before experienced. Just what are the “important” things? It must be one’s attitude. It must be the burning desire to understand that which we do not yet understand. As a race we may think we understand but do we truly, will we ever, or should we completely? I think not. We must understand what is right and good. To break it down further would be a distraction.

Nature Photography, Kansas

© Brad Mangas