Why do I take pictures?

Why do I go beyond the populous to place myself  where my only companion is the southern breeze and grasses underfoot. Or the rain soaked lands pungent with the smell of spring filling my senses? Why do I venture into unknown places with northern winds blowing winters furry through the garments I use to shelter my body? Why then, do I seek solitude beyond the roads well traveled? Questions such as these can only be answered from personal emotions experienced when in such places.

My images are of a personal nature, from lands and life that give more than they could ever receive. To stand surrounded by the essence of life breathed in with deep appreciation. The life I receive from such places I need, I need to experience, savor and remember. These experiences are meant to be selfish and only for me, but I must not keep such experiences and moments to myself. They deserve to be shared, it’s the minimum I can do. Doing the least amount of work is never enough. Experiences such as this represent respect, peacefulness and love of creation. What else must I do, must we do to cherish such moments. Experience, share, remember, with deep respect and appreciation that is simple, pure, and honest.


Essence Of Spring | © Brad Mangas

Early Spring In The Kansas Flint Hills | © Brad Mangas

Pastel Grandeur | © Brad Mangas

Winters Pastel Colors, Kansas Flint Hills | © Brad Mangas