The title of this is an understatement this time of year, lenses all around the country have been focused on the seasonal changes, some have already pasted and some are still continuing. Here in my neck of the woods things have been slow to change but when they did it all happened within days. As of a week ago everything has made it’s way into the changes, hardwoods always being the last to begin their seasonal changes. About half the wooded areas have dropped their leaves, half are still vibrant but dwindling. Tomorrow is calling for the passage of a storm front with a good amount of rain being forecast so with that this weekend will be interesting to see how much color will still be hanging on.

I spent a couple of days exploring the not to distant areas, both being around a couple of local lakes, Perry and Melvern. Going into an area at Perry that I had only been to on one other occasion. Anyone familiar with the lake will know this as Paradise Point on the northeast side of the lake. I found the area to be very welcoming, lots of open spaces intermingled with rambling woodlands.

Parking my truck I ventured off into a open area covered in mostly Indian Grass turning it’s light golds and browns edged in colorful trees of yellow and orange. Walking slow as if an old man making his way seeking solitude in nature unknowing if his eyes will ever be cast upon the scene again (which in most cases could be a true statement). I’m relatively sure I will visit this area again maybe many times but nature has a way of mixing things up so a next visit will never look or feel the same. Feeling at home I simply took in the views and made a few pictures, enjoying that opportunity to do both.


Seasonal Colors | © Brad Mangas

Autumn Trees Edging The Open Fields Of Tallgrass | © Brad Mangas