01012010 DSCF3352

© Brad Mangas

Thought I would take a little break from posting wintry snow shots for at least today. I stopped by a local park awhile back and walked around the playground equipment and snapped a few shots of the equipments with my fuji point and shot. I found it fun playing around with these subjects. Lots of  lines and forms to pay attention to. Let me point out the white dots in this shot. It was getting dark, the sun was just setting and there was a slight sprinkle coming down. I used the flash for these shots and didn’t actually notice at the time the dots. They are the rain drops lite by the flash. At first I though ahh rats! Then after I went ahead and processed it I kinda liked it. Does make it different.

I have had photographing playground equipment in my mind for some time and after playing around with it I will probably return maybe with my better camera and set up to capture more of some better quality.

I ran this through Topaz Adjust to give it this metallic type of look. I got a few more from here I will try to share in the near future, along with the rain drop inclusions.