01072010 MG 6639

© Brad Mangas

Another winter time leaf shot, might as well show’em this time of the year. When I took this shot I spent a generous amount of time looking at it through the view finder. Thinking maybe it should be more than what I was seeing. I was drawn to the curvature in the snow that the leaf lay on. It was taken on a frozen lake while I was standing on a small dock that extended out into the frozen water. Snow had drifted around blowing some leaves around with it. The sun was going down and the light was extremely low. Until I processed it just a moment ago I hadn’t noticed the slight coloration in the snow. I did intentionally try to bring it out slightly in an attempt to add a small touch of difference to the shot besides just white and leaf.

The weather here in the midwest and Kansas where I’m at is going through some extreme winter conditions at the moment. Everyone is complaining and wanting it to go away and all I can think of is, when can I get out in it again! All bodies of water have been completely frozen over for some time now and I just know they harbor magnificent images just waiting for me to experience them. An old saying my dad use to always tell me when he knew how hard I was working, “make iron while the fires hot”. Always made sense to me. Kinda like” go while the gettin’s good”. Winter won’t last forever and now is the time to enjoy what we have.