© Brad Mangas

One of the great things about snow when it comes to photography is it’s ability to isolate subjects. Any other time of the year a small lonely shrub such as this may not even be noticed. With the snow as it’s canvas it clearly becomes a subject of interest all by itself.

I find it fun and interesting to play around with such shots that the majority is white snow. There’s somewhat of a fine line between getting the white balance to look good and keeping decent look to the snow. I typically try to overexpose the scene at least 1/2 stop if not a full stop to render the snow white instead of the midtone greyish blue that the camera wants to do. Taken to far and the snow just becomes a blown out white with no texture at all.

I didn’t adjust the white balance in this shot but I did do a selective color adjustment in cs4, selecting the bluish tone in the snow and reducing the saturation quite a bit.