© Brad Mangas

How does one take a picture of “cold”? Do you have a shot that you think looks cold? It would be great to see it. You can email me your shot and I will post it here with your description. Just a keep the images no more than 480px on the longest side at 72dpi, your name and if you’d like provide a link to your blog or website and I will include as a link on the image.

This shot was just an impromptu capture made in my backyard with my point and shoot camera. You gotta love the ease and simplicity of using such a pocket pal. What drew my attention were the shadows of the trees lying across the snow. I don’t know if this says cold but it sure felt that way when I made it.

I removed the bluish color cast that is common with snow shots. Blue being a cold color it may take away some of the colder feel to it, but I like the basic look of it. No black and white adjustments made, just a white point set on the brightest area of the snow.