© Brad Mangas

A shot from my archives of winter images. New shooting has been a little slow the last few days a few more family commitments and I’ve been trying to get over some (I think I’m getting old pains). Might just be from the frigid weather we’re having, and boy do I mean frigid, wow it’s cold, windchill’s below zero and high’s like 12 or something. Might as well be 12 below cause once your out in it and not prepared you better start looking for the indoors in a hurry.

This shot is from the east side of Shawnee Lake on an evening similar to today’s with a little more sunshine thrown in. I’m glad I’m looking through some of these images, I have worked them up in the past but that would have been with an older version of photoshop and with less processing abilities than present. I am achieving a look that I hadn’t been able to before. I’ve been playing around with a few plugins and keep finding myself going back to Topaz Adjust. Sometimes multiple adjustments blended together for a final result. I’m not necessarily going for a 100% realistic look and at times have ventured into the somewhat extreme look. I keep looking for something in the middle, like a natural enhanced finish I guess I could call it. It’s a fun way to learn new techniques and has even started making me look at shots a little differently when out in the field.

I’ve mentioned this before, but try something new, look at something new, don’t get stuck in a rut just because that’s the way you always do it. Have fun with your photography, make it look the way you want it to look.