© Brad Mangas

I have many photographs that almost didn’t get to happen due to timing, lighting or a million other things, but this shot is one that “wasn’t” supposed to happen.

Took a little dive out into the Flinthills yesterday and found many wonderful views which I will be working up in the coming week or so. I thought I would share this shot for the simple reason that it was an accident. I was moving my tripod and when I set it down with gloved hands I accidentally pushed the shutter release. So I waited for the timer to go off and take the shot and then figured it would just be an additional one I will delete. And I may, it’s not a shot I will be doing much with but for some dumb luck reason the shot almost looks as if I ment to take it. Heck the horizon is even straight and I have a hard time getting that perfectly straight when I try! You would think if I could take something like this by accident I would be able to take a decent shot on purpose now wouldn’t ya;-). I guess dumb luck is better than no luck at all.

I worked this up as a b&w which seems to work well with some of these winter snow images.