© Brad Mangas | Fuji FinePix F700

This shot is a good example of the power of the little pocket camera. I know I would have never taken my canon dslr out just to shoot this, even though now I see it I kinda wish I would have. It was taken as many of my daily pics are during my daily walk with Lexi. Many things we do each day is out of convenience, just look at the fast food business. Not the best point and shoot I have access to but it is the smallest and easiest to stick in ones pocket. The little Fuji I usually put in my pocket when going out briefly shows the power of convenience. As I have mentioned before not all daily pics will be taken with this, some may even be with my canon dslr which I will note.  The point is that even during everyday tasks I inspire to see through photographic eyes.

I like the whiteness, the lines of the stems and forms of the heads. I added the blowing snowfall with the standard photoshop “blizzard” action. I keep finding my daily pics endeavor an enjoyable way to keep photography on the forefront of my mind hopefully allowing more growth and vision into the world we live in.

If there are things you enjoy doing that bring a smile to your face or a feeling of pleasure try to find a way to keep them part of your day. As busy as all of our lives are it’s important to find at least a few moments each day for your personal pleasures.