Frost Covered Railroad Tie - Fuji Finepix F700

Walking Lexi this morning with my point & shoot in my pocket I was trying to pay close attention to my surroundings in an attempt to get a shot for the daily pics. A few weeks back when I started this daily pics project it was going to be primarily shots taken at random with the camera of choice being a simple everyday point and shoot. In my case having access to 3 point and shoots, a 10mp Nikon CoolPix P80, a 12mp Nikon CoolPix S630 and an older 6mp Fuji Finepix F700. I opted to go with the older 6mp Fuji. This a very small camera that fits in about any pocket has the Fuji Super ccd sensor (that’s Fuji talk for good) and is very easy to use. A good example of a widely used type of point and shoot camera.

One down side is that it does not incorporate anit-shake or vibration reduction. So to say the least sharp shots are a struggle. And another reason they’re a struggle is that I choose to shot as much as I can without the flash on. I’ve found that if I turn the flash on, which does help get a sharper shot due to the increased shutter speed it results in, for the lack of a better term, “flash burn”, it’s just too much for close shots.

So what’s a fella to do? Well now that I’m seeing the abilities of what I have I can learn from that and it should help get more productivity out of what I’m using.

As with all photography regardless the camera, open shade makes for great light. Here’s a couple of shots taken in open shade.

The first a railroad tie with frost on it. This caught my attention due to the blackness of the tie with the icy frost covering. A good example of very dark to very bright. The open bright shade was the key to getting proper exposure of tonal extremes.

This second shot is of a wicker chair seat. I took it simply because I liked the look of the pattern and it was in open shade, again key to proper exposure.

Hopefully my productivity and eyes ability will continue to improve with this simplest of cameras. I’ll let you help be the judge of that.

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Wicker Seat - Fuji Finepix F700

Wicker Seat - Fuji Finepix F700