Documenting Wildflowers

When one chooses to spend their time taking pictures, wow do you get a lot of pictures! More than you can ever properly go through, process, edit, keyword, categorize, name, save, post, re-process, make backups, add to website and remember!

I started carrying my p&s in it’s pouch attached to my bigger backpack this past spring with the idea of being able to just grab it, take a shot of blooming wildflowers documenting time and locale. Not that one couldn’t do it with a bigger dslr, but being able to just stop grab a little camera walk over and point and shoot and done, just sounds easier. There’s much to be said in the power of simplicity. I did put it to use on many subjects such as these common milkweeds and goats beard. And believe it or not, I even remember where I took the shot at!  Maybe I’m not as old as I look. Whatever!

This daily pics projects has already turned up a few hidden benefits. Going through some my saved files has reminded me about the plans I had when I took the second to capture the shots. That and looking at the world through the lens on a daily basis are the goals.

Set some goals and work on them regularly until you see results. Makes continuing the journey much more significant.