© Brad Mangas

This is a shot from yesterdays trip to the flint hills. Some trips just don’t turn out like the plans and visions you have in your head before hand. Time spent on the prairies and flint hills is never wasted, but photographs may be few according to mother nature. So was the case yesterday and carrying into today. The reason, wind. Yep in Can be to windy for photography. Sure you can still take pictures, the wind doesn’t make your camera stop working or anything, but I’m not talking about a breeze, a strong breeze or just kinda windy. This is the good ol winds of the prairies. Minimum 40mph steady and relentless.

I climbed a hill and set down waiting for the sunset when I snapped this picture. Typically waiting around for 30 minutes or so gives me time to explore the area a bit. But with a wind that literally made it hard to stand and walk I quickly realized today wasn’t the day to be out on the prairie. Sometimes mother nature just needs to be left to do her thing, and her thing yesterday was strong straight winds. Even with this distant shot, upon close inspection you can tell the camera was vibrating.

There’s always another day and more opportunities to spend time in nature. When she is a bit more welcoming.