© Brad Mangas

Blue Indigo on the newly sprouting prairie. Indigo sure captures my attention this time of year. Lots of “Plains Indigo” which has the typical yellow blooms and then the “Blue” sometimes called False Blue Indigo, maybe since the blooms can be almost purple at times. It really stands out as a gem of a wildflower against the newly sprouting tallgrass. The tallgrasses will take of like they always do, soon to range from 3-7 feet easily depending on the variety.

I will be participating in a tour tomorrow on Konza Prairie. Konza is swarming with tours of school and public groups from now until late fall. 6 docents (including myself) will be leading a tour of 5th graders on to the tallgrass prairie. A fun and learning time for all. I may not be back home until later in the weekend as I mentioned in yesterdays post. Between tour leading, photography, little sleep (on the prairie) more photography and oh yeah driving up to Onaga KS to see my dad for Birthday number 81, more photography, you get the picture, it will be a busy next few days.

Tonight the storms are moving through the area, which personally I like as long as they are not destructive. Maybe some wild weather included in photos as well.

Have a great weekend all.

Blue Indigo fact: Part of the Bean Family. When mature, loose seeds in the pods will rattle in the wind. The sap of blue wild indigo turns purple or slate color when exposed to air.