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© Brad Mangas

Rue Anemone – This is more of an early spring wildflower but I have had it in my files for sometime I though it was neat how it was growing out of a crack in the rock. Plus I’m kind of on a wildflower kick right now so thought I would share it.

Many new images are being made and and like always the best will end up at the gallery site.

It’s been a very windy weekend which didn’t bother me to much since I didn’t have time to for any field trips, other duties called. Last weekend with the cloudy rainy weather ended up being the weekend to be out in nature as far as photography is concerned. I was lucky enough to get to be out both days and from many hours of driving in the rain and walking the prairies in pants soaked up to the knees from wet grasses images were made, many I am pleased with. Some have shown up at the gallery but more will be heading their soon.