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© Brad Mangas

Out for our morning walk, Lexi (our four legged family member in case you had forgotten) and I walked through a small section of Shunga Park to enjoy the wonderful morning air. In the middle of the grounds we found this iron water main cover. I think it’s cool how the manufactures put the the city and state name on them, guess we don’t make these in Kansas, or maybe Nebraska’s are better. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up pulling the P80 point and shoot out and snapping off a couple of shots. I love doing things like this for the daily pic, it really puts the “daily” into it.

I just worked this up and was interested in seeing what a couple of photoshop plugin filters would do to it. I’ve mentioned before the fun I have with the Topaz Adjust plugins, and just a week or so ago they released Topaz Adjust 4. (This link will take you to the the Topaz Adjust 4 page, and they are offering a 20% discount until March 15, it’s really a great deal!). It was a free upgrade for all Adjust 3 users so that made it even better. They have added a few more presets to 4 and one of them is “Dark Ghostly”. I had yet to be able to apply it to an image and get decent results. Most images don’t seem to take to the darkening down and lightening up of the scene. This shot seems to take those setting very well and I was pleased with the result. It was done with one easy click.

Here is the original right out of the camera shot to compare it to. I’m really liking these plugins. They are a tremendous time saver and really help to expand ones creative vision. Have a great weekend everyone!

03052010 bradmangas DSCN1950b

© Brad Mangas