03142010 bradmangas DSCN1995

© Brad Mangas

My patience for spring is growing ever so short. Yesterday I had to go spend some time in the woods. Alone, all by myself, just the way I like it. I planned on just a short visit maybe drive some areas and just enjoy being out in nature. Of course that turned into a hike for an hour or so. The trees just seem to call my name, saying come visit us, we’ve been lonely all winter! Always listen to mother nature when she makes such demands. As most people describe the outdoors this time of year, colorless seems to come to mind. No vibrant leaves, blooms or grasses. But hey, brown is a color too! And the woods are full of it right now. As if getting in their last bit of rest before the tempuratures demand change.

I was in a very heavy wooded area, lots of fallen timber. This log caught my eye with its growth of fungi protruding. All was blending together in perfect harmony. I was carrying both cameras and had fun with the P80 point and shoot capturing this.