© Brad Mangas

A shot with inspiration from Darwin Wiggett and his blog Life and Learning Thru the Lens.  I have long admired all of Darwins work in nature and landscapes of the Canadian Rockies as well as intimate shots of subjects of nature and the environment. With subjects ranging from pets to kids to the funny a few have been taken at the kitchen sink. I had just sat down to check his blog and stay up to date and read his daily snaps in which he had posted another great shot from the kitchen sink. It just so happened I was getting ready to take care of some dishes myself and with my point and shoot camera always ready at a seconds notice I couldn’t help but grab it and take it to my own kitchen sink. So this is a shot of a coffee mug Bobbi had gotten from a trip to Chicago, hence “The Windy City” slogan.

Inspiration can start in many places, anothers blog as where mine came from, or at the kitchen sink where Darwins came from. Let yourself be inspired to see things with new eyes and you may just fine great images where you chose to look.