02152010 bradmangas DSCN1722

© Brad Mangas

Another shot from my weekend cruise around the older part of town. Not having lived here all that long there are many places that I have yet to visit when it comes to the older parts of town.

I drove by this building and had to stop for a closer look. It is the old East Topeka Junior High building. Not sure how long its been since it was in service. It is really a wonderful building. I was amazed at the workmanship put into some of these places. The time it took just to carve the limestone alone would be cost prohibited in today’s world. It’s kinda sad to see such great craftsmanship just sit unused and now mostly unrecognized.

I walked around with my P80 and made a dozen or so snaps. I think I will be returning in the future and try to capture some of the carved limestone in closer detail.