© Brad Mangas

Taken just a few hours ago not far from home. I wasn’t able to make it out today until late afternoon so I stuck close to home, in town matter of fact. Some time to check out the what the tulip time show is going to be like the next week or so at Lake Shawnee, lots of color and lots of people. I seem to like more solitude when I’m out with camera in hand. I was amazed at how many people have pocket cameras anymore. It seemed like every other person at the lake was holding a camera up looking at the lcd screen taking pictures. It actually was nice to see.

Anyway this obviously is a redbud with some ornamental pear blooming in the background. The redbud had some narly branches on it witch I didn’t necessarily capture with this shot but it sure wasn’t your typical tree.

Lots of color happening right now. Will be out most of tomorrow hopefully. Probably be another late post of the daily pic.