© Brad Mangas

Where does the time go, already the last day of April. During the winter months it seems that days and weeks drag on, but now in the peak of spring they go by in a flash!

Still lots of spring flora just now blooming. I spotted this honeysuckle this morning while out with Lexi on our morning walk and had to stop and play around a bit since I always carry my trusty little p80 with me. I plan on spending some serious time with honeysuckles and the blooming spirea over the weekend if the weather allows. They are all here and blooming today but with our weather they could be gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be out on Konza Prairie with this years docent trainees hiking the west loop trail and starting the process of plant id and getting to know one of the trails better. I went through the docent program last year and was one of the best things I have ever done. The knowledge and appreciation you acquire of the flint hills and tallgrass prairie is priceless. This years class is very small and it’s always good to repeat specific training, you always learn something new. So I will join them at 9am in the morning rain or shine and do about a 3 mile hike and review of the west loop.

It’s a beautiful time of the year in the central states, I hope every has an opportunity to get out and enjoy some nature.