© Brad Mangas

I was able to take a hike through Shunga Park last evening to enjoy some of the lovely warm weather (and yes I’m being sarcastic) but there was one good thing I did notice, no mosquitoes! I am usually ran out of town by them in the evening hours but for some reason I wasn’t bothered at all by them last night. Can it get to hot for mosquitoes? Anyway, I walked an edge of a some timber and came across a group of what I think are wild grapes. I’m not positive in that id for the simple fact that they all were still there. I would think the birds would be eating these as fast as they grow. It made me thing about something I consider frequently. If I was stranded out in the wilderness for days and days would I know how to survive? I would like to think I could get by using some common sense. I thought about if these would be edible and due to the fact that no birds have eaten them I would have to pass on them myself. Guess that’s my lesson on self survival for today.

A colorful addition to the the late summer greenery for sure.